Vessels cylindrical horizontal BS and PS are designed for ground storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gas butane at the temperature of metal walls, depending on the temperature of the product and ambient air, from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C, installed in oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas and other enterprises related industries, as well as gas filling stations and stations

It is allowed to use containers for storage of other liquefied hydrocarbon gases, the vapor pressure of which at a temperature of + 50 ° C does not exceed the elasticity of butane vapor, as well as for storing light gasoline fractions. Vessels can be operated in a temperate and cold climate.





from 2 before 100 м3


from 0,67 before 1,6 МПа


from 2400 before 3000 мм

Material construction:

1. Ст3сп5; 09Г2С-6; 09Г2С-12; 09Г2С-8, 09Г2С-15;

2. 12Х18Н10Т.

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