Hot water storage tanks are designed to compensate for peak loads in the centralized heating and hot water supply system for residential and industrial consumers, when the greatest water consumption occurs. They are also used to store and store hot water supplies during the maximum electricity tariffs to save costs of housing and communal services. The main places of their installation are in boiler houses, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.

The design of the storage tanks for storage of hot water depends on its volume. So, tanks up to 50 m3 are made in a horizontal design. Tanks in the volume of 50-100 m3 can have both horizontal and vertical construction. Batteries with a capacity of more than 100 m3 are made in the form of vertical tanks.

Horizontal tanks accumulators have a cylindrical wall and in elliptical bottoms (less often conical). The tank is installed on the site of operation on metal supports, bolted with anchor bolts to the reinforced concrete foundation.

Vertical tanks accumulators have a design similar to vertical tanks: a cylindrical wall made by the method of roll or sheet assembly, the bottom, skeleton or self-supporting roof. If the tank can be exposed to large external loads, it is necessary to provide metal structures to protect against avalanche destruction (rings and stiffeners).

The tanks of the BOGV of both versions are equipped with a ladder, a maintenance platform, fences.

General specifications




· for horizontal tanks – от 1 до 100 м3;

· for vertical tanks – от 100 до 20000 м3

Working environment:

hot water

Operating water temperature:

before +95 °С

Operating pressure:

before 0,6 МПа (до 6 кг/см2)

Minimum remaining water in the tank:

200 мм

Minimum operating temperature:

-60 °С

Maximum snow load:

before 2 кПа

Maximum wind load:

before 0,6 кПа

Seismicity of operation area:

not more than 9 points

Material construction:

- At an ambient temperature of at least -40 ° C - 09Г2С;

- At an ambient temperature below -40 ° C - St3sp;

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