LLC "Gribanovsky Machine Building Plant" was founded in 1936 for the production of light industry equipment.
Between 1991 and 2003, it existed in the form of an open joint stock company. In 2003, after the change of ownership, the Limited Liability Company "Gribanov Machine-Building Plant" was established.
In a short time the plant mastered the production of equipment for enterprises of the gas, oil refining, chemical and extractive industries.
In 2009, LLC "Gribanovsky Machine Building Plant" was admitted to the board of the regional association of employers "Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists".
In 2016, the plant celebrated its 80th anniversary.
To date, LLC "Gribanov Machine Building Plant" is a dynamically developing enterprise, production of which is equipped with modern high-tech equipment with numerical program control, which allows the enterprise to carry out projects of any complexity.
One of the activities of the plant is the provision of services for repair, supervision and installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the delivered equipment.
On the territory of OOO "Gribanovsk machine-building plant" with a total area of ​​12.7 hectares are:

Harvesting and assembling

The design of the workshop was developed and implemented in 2013 - 2015 as a modern production building intended for highly mechanized production of 16-meter air cooling units weighing up to 30 tons. In the three span building of the workshop with an area of ​​10000 m2 (height - 18 m, length - 138 m, width - 72 m) includes assembly, assembly and welding sites. The design of the workshop allows working with load-lifting cranes with a total lifting capacity of up to 100 tons. The first span is occupied by an automated line harvesting line with modern imported equipment for profile rolling.

Ribbed pipe

Specializes in the production of mono and bimetallic finned tubes.
Tube fittings take place on five cold rolling mills of ribbed pipes by longitudinal - transverse screw rolling, which allows achieving a high efficiency.

Manufacture of chambers and machining

The shop welds assembly units of equipment operating under pressure, as well as mechanical processing of all parts of manufactured products for the blank assembly and assembly and welding shop (chambers, welded covers, pipe boards, heaters, etc.) with a width of up to 2000 mm and length up to 4000 mm. The machine shop of the shop consists of modern machining centers with numerical program control, which are multi-operational software with automatic tool change. All machining centers are equipped with a coolant supply system with a pressure of up to 40 Bar. This option allows drilling holes in tube grids for heat exchange equipment with a depth of up to 300 mm.

Prefabricated-assembly shop

The shop assembles and welds metal structures for air cooling units for pressures up to 32 MPa, shell-and-tube heat exchangers for pressures up to 10 MPa and capacitive equipment. The collected equipment is delivered to the paint coating section.
Also on the territory of OOO GMZ there is a central factory laboratory. Its functions are to perform incoming quality control of incoming materials and control welded joints of the equipment produced by various methods:
· X-ray inspection;
· Ultrasonic flaw detection;
· Control of penetrating substances.